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It seems that the novel coronavirus is very severe!
I wish all of you keep healthy and safe.
Keep far away from the virus by social distancing, wearing a mask.


Keep safe.
Please always keep wearing a mask everywhere.
Stay 2 meters away from people. (Social distancing)
Wash hands many times a day.

Elevators can be a path of infection.


Until now, the characteristics of the Corona 19 virus have not been clearly identified, but according to two research papers, Corona 19 virus is 3 hours in the aerosol state, 1 day in cloth and wood, 2 days in glass, 4 days in stainless steel and plastic, and It has been reported to survive up to 7 days on the face of a medical mask.
That's why health experts recommend hand washing as the most important thing.
The hand is the best vehicle for pathogens to penetrate into internal organs.
If you touch your face with dirty hands, bacteria, viruses and fungi can get into your mouth, nose and eyes. This part of the body is the entrance to the digestive, respiratory, and sensory organs, as well as the area with mucous membranes that bacteria can use to invade the body. When certain viruses successfully enter the body through these mucous membranes, they can locate host cells and initiate infection.

  Experts agree that in order to cope with infectious diseases, we must focus on “3T”. It explains that the basic of the basics is to test(very fast) for infectious disease infection; treat (very fast) the infected person,isolating from family and others; and track (very fast) the spread of the infectious disease through the infected person.    


Why 45,000 American Corona Confirmers in a Day ?

Keep safe by wearing ( putting on) a mask
everywhere and everywhen.

Re-use masks ?

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When you make a mask, please note cotton material and kitchen towel are not good materials because they get wet because of breath and saliva, and the mask will get contaminated with Virus, germ.

The dustwhich originates in the Gobi Desert in Chinahits the Korean peninsula and Japan every spring (and other seasons),carrying heavy metals and carcinogens such as dioxin from industrial cities in eastern China.

Toxic haze blowing from China hits Korea in October. 

To preven the dust, we have been wearing very fine masks, KF94 (N95) at least 1 time per week. Koreans think much of the function (or weaing) of masks.

Korean docors have figured out the function masks.
But, Western doctors and other doctors in most of countries except China, and WHO had thought WEARING MASKS IS FUTILITY(USELESS THING) and had ignored the function of the mask before April 2020.

This doctor is very, well known as a world-renowned virus specialist in Korea and internationally

Cotton mask vs KF80 vs Dental mask, What’s the difference?

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Why we should put on a mask ?
About Coronavirus-19
How to sterilize (kill) Coronavirus-19 ?
If you want to reuse the mask!
Take a look at this MASK GERM experimentt
For Coronavirus-19, KF94 mask is recommended in Korea.

Reusing a mask is not recommendary.
Meanwhile, wearing any kind (index) of a mask is better than weaing no mask.

The virus is not a germ.

APRIL 14, 2020


I got a question from one in Turkey after I sent the same message as I sent to you last night. I am pasting my reply as follows;

RE { Why you eat in other room? This points, I not understand (sorry) }

My daughter go to work  5 days a week to work with 10 staffs in an office wearing masks.
My wife goes to office 3 or 5 days per week.

We live on the 18th floor of a 23 story high-rise apartment building. 

When my wife come back home, she can get infected by Coronavirus-19 in the air inside of the elevator of our high-rise apartment building.
Of course, my wife sure put on a KF94 (N95) mask on the way as 99.9% of Korean are wearing.

And when my wife get in our house, she spray Ethanol to her hands, the mask (before putting into garbage bag), door handles, her smart phone. And  additionally wash her hands and face with a soap. And,  take bath to wash hair, body.
(After my wife go in her room, I come out from my room, and spray her shoes,  the bathroom (toilet lever, mirror, soaps, towels-not used, conditioners, brushes, dryer,  toothbrush sterilizer, cleaning brush )  her coat, etc just for double-check).

Taking this opportunity, I spray (and wipe with cloths) refrigerator door, microwave door,  cookware handles, gas range switches, coffee pot, tables, and floor cushions, front-room curtains, the curtains of other rooms.

It takes about 5 minutes. 5 minutes for my family (eventually for my family) !! 

And I go out to spray to the elevator, outside, inside,  to the roof, and lower part of the door of the elevator the door which a 5 year old kid can touch.

It take 1 minute.
  1 minute for my neighbors ( 23 x 2 houses each story, 46 families) (eventually for my family) !!

But, there is a possibility Coronavirus-19 my daughter might leave in the toilet, and my wife has been there.

So I keep far from my wife and my daughter in eating, talking, meeting, watching TV, computing, sleeping in my house.

OK. Keep safe.

Best regards


As an index indicating particle blocking performance, 'KF' indicates a rating that is certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. Currently, products that are approved as quasi-drugs include 'KF80', 'KF94', and 'KF99'.

KF means Korea Filter.
For Coronavirus-19, KF94 is recommended in Korea.

Meanwhile, wearing any kind (index) of a mask is better than weaing no mask.

( N95 in USA is similar to KF94 in Korea.)

This index shows the performance of blocking particulate matter such as fine dust and ultrafine dust. The higher the index, the higher the blocking rate for small particles. In order to block yellow dust(coming from China) and fine dust, it is necessary to obtain a quasi-drug from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and wear a health mask with a KF index. The Ministry of Food and Drug Affairs adds a number based on the results of testing the 'dust collection efficiency', the degree to which the mask filters out dust, and the 'leakage rate', which is the rate of air leakage through the mask gap. The higher the KF index, the higher the dust blocking rate of small particles, but if the blocking rate is high, breathing may be difficult, so it should be selected according to the individual's breathing rate. The products currently approved as quasi-drugs include 'KF80', 'KF94', and 'KF99'. For example, 'KF80' can filter over 80% of fine particles with an average size of 0.6, and 'KF94' and 'KF99' can filter particles with an average size of 0.4 over 94% and 99%, respectively. It is known that dust with larger particles than ordinary fine dust can filter out dust sufficiently if the KF index is 80 or more.[Naver Knowledge Encyclopedia] KF Index (prior to pre-historic meal, pmg knowledge engine research institute)
  How to wear a health mask correctly? The health mask must be worn in the right way to increase the effect of blocking fine dust, and the mask must be worn in close contact with the respiratory tract to completely cover the nose and mouth. In addition, patients with asthma, rhinitis, and heart disease may need to decide whether to wear the mask after consulting with a medical staff since the respiratory function may decrease when wearing the mask.In addition, an electrostatic filter is inserted in the health mask. Unlike a cotton mask, when washing the water, the electrostatic filter is damaged and the shape is deformed, making it difficult to maintain its function. Also, since the mask once worn is contaminated with dirt and germs, it should be discarded, not washed or reused.[Naver Knowledge Encyclopedia] KF Index (prior to pre-historic meal, pmg knowledge engine research institute)  
  On the 5th of June, the BBC reported a report by Seoul Correspondent Laura Bicker about the infection tracking technology in Korea. As far as virus tracking is concerned, South Korea is said to be the most successful country in the world. When it comes to privacy and privacy concerns, I took a softer stance than before.